mercredi 2 décembre 2009

It's all about moufette

Then time to play came... First band played something between punk and trash metal, it was people of the house band, good. 2 people showed up but it was omekind of last minute show and there was other parties somewhere else i think, does not matter some of the neighbourhood came also... We played. For the second time i watched my friends doing it, it was fun... The funnier was Pierre talking English!!! Perfect French from the Franche Comté accent with a bit of slang he learnt from i don't know where... It was awesome that night!
Then Maladie played and it rocked, just rocked perfectly as something could be rocked, I totally remember they were so much into it, they played as if their lives depended on it or on something that was in the air, maybe dog's hair... Serious it was just impressive, suddenly something happened that night in this house, four kids just so pissed, just so impatient, just so tired, maybe the perfect combination for them!
After that nothing remained alive in Isla Vista, I opened the front door and i saw nothing out, just darkness and an army of dead bodies floating in nothingness, I thought our life would be this house now and there was no burrito left, we almost drank all the beers... But fortunatly appeared from the depth of the mess (was the van) with a bottle of pastis, Nicolas found some beers forgotten in the van or on the porch... Let's do it, let's party like Americans, and Pierre is in a very good slang English mood tonight... But then people left, they were 5! And we just played dance music! Serious it was a good night... We were hungry and we were told of a burrito place in town... And on our way we met a skunk!!! searching for food in the middle of street, then hiding behind cars, the skunk almost sprayed me but then I think he or she saw the confidence in my drunk eyes...
I slept in the van with efren that night... And I felt that my eye got better...
We kinda had shower in the garden before leaving, we read a sports magazine with our feet cause Tito and I were too tired to bend over and grab it... We saw many people going in and out from houses to houses, bikes and fancy cars, front porch with lights on all night long, I suddenly got excited... And Santa Cruz was next!